Beard Oil of the Week: Beardilizer Sweet Pipe Tobacco

This week we launch our "Beard Oil of the Week"

Sweeney will pick a beard oil and this will be used throughout the week to give you a taster of each beard oil we stock.

This week is "Beardilizer Sweet Pipe Tobacco" 
A manly fragrance with a distinctive roasted scent of fresh tobacco, giving a strong beard game smell

Beard oils are essential for growing and maintaining a healthy beard. All Beardilizer oils contain: 

Argan Oil: Protects facial skin and hair
Jamaican Castor Oil: Adds volume and encourages hair growth
Eucalyptus Oil: Cleanses and refreshes
Greek Rosemary Oil: Protect follicles from pollution and UV rays
Grape Seed Oil: Hydrates the skin, protects against rashes and provides a healthy sheen
Jojoba Oil: Protects from harmful UV rays, reduces skin irritations and softens hair
Soybean Seed Oil: Rich in vitamin A,D and E, revitalises the skin and encourages denser and thicker hair growth. 

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