Meet the Crew


Sweeneys Q&A

Fav Movie: Love Honour and Obey
Fav Insult: You Facking Slag!!
One word to describe yourself: Unique 
Fav Product: Brawler
Where do you hang out: Its a Secret

Matts Q&A

Fav Movie: Dog Soldiers
Fav Insult: C*@T
One word to describe yourself: Determined
Fav Product: Uppercut Deluxe Matt Pomade
Where do you hang out: Home & Sea Dogs

Meet the motley Sea Dogs Barbers Crew who make up the Sea Dogs Family. (You will have to excuse Matt he is a bit shy)
If you haven't had the pleasure of meeting them , then let us introduce them. Sweeney also know as the Demon Barber is the Captain of the ship, Matt is second in command, Woodzy looks after Walk In's on and last but no means least Jordon is our Saturday Ship Mate.

Get book online at Sea Dogs Barbers with Sweeney and Matt here 

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