Ear Candling at Sea Dogs Barbers

We haven't decided to set fire to our Sea Dogs Barbers customers this is ear candling the newest treatment to be be added to our ever growing list of treatments.. Ear Candling is a safe and effective way to remove ear wax and is pretty relaxing too. This is how it works... An ear candle is place into the ear and lit while you lay comfortably with your head turned to the the side. You will feel a fire crackling sound, a bit of pressure and a warm feeling in the ear. The candle will take a few minutes to burn down we then repeat the same procedure on the other ear. There a few reason this treatment would not be suitable for you and advise you not to have it done if you have any of the following:

Infection or inflammation in the ear
Surgery on the ear in the last 3 months
Perforation of the ear drum
Grommets, drains or ventilation tubes
Known allergies to bees was or stings

Ear Candling is now available at Sea Dogs Barbers and costs £15 click here to get yourself booked in  

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