Lavish Hair Care

Barber Connect literally connected us to brands we never would of had the opportunity to meet. Lavish Hair Care was one of them based in Greece and with over 20 years experience in skin and hair care. We have trailed there products and have received amazing feedback so we will be permanently stocking them in the shop. Their Brawler Beard Oil and Feeler Beard Balm is already a fav with our customers.

We are also stocking Black Gel Jam a hair gel that subtly covers up grey hair and gives a medium hold. The colour is temporary and washes out with shampoo. They also do the same product for the beard so you can even out the colour of your beard.
There is a dandruff shampoo with active ingredients that deal with the dry skin that causes dandruff and peppermint and crystalline mint that leaves the scalp feeling refreshed and clean.
The Peel Off Black Mask removes blackheads and dirt from the skin leaving it soft, clean and hydrated.

We have selected Lavish Hair Care as they really offer a diverse range of male grooming products that have been well thought out for us dudes needs.

Pop down to Sea Dogs Barbers and have a play prices range from £6 to £15

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  1. Great products that you have shared! To get perfect beard, beard balm , oil and shampoo are the priority products. We should use!