Yo Bro-Tox

Yep you read it right Brotox the male version of Botox women have been using this non surgical anti-ageing treatment since the 90's but in the last few years more and more men have been turning to the needle to turn back time, its been that popular with guys that it has been given its own name "Brotox". Don't be put off by that frozen face look, when done properly it works well to create a natural, fresher, rested looking result with no evidence and little down time. You might experience a little bit of redness and soreness but this is short lived. The treatment itself is not as painful as its sounds a numbing cream is applied first so you feel nothing. The botox takes about two weeks to kick in and then you well notice the smoother appearance it last on average for about 4 to 6 months. Its a quick fix that you can have done as a one of for a special occasion or you can maintain it a couple of times a year.

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