Ink Maintenance

We love a bit of ink here at Sea Dogs, we've all got one or two and Sweeney's got a few more.  They do need a bit of maintenance to keep them fresh and bright, over time some fading is natural and should be expected but the quickest way for that ink to fade is neglect when the sun is shining. Covering up your tattoos with at least an SPF 30 will stop this from happening and preserve that beautiful art work. Inked skin can also be a bit more sensitive to those suns rays making it easier to burn. Dont worry though guys we literally have got you covered by stocking Pro Tan Tattoo Fade Shield SPF 30. Its features Colourbrite technology that is designed to help renew and rejuvenate the appearance of your ink. Its waterproof, sweatproof and moisturising. The handy stick is totally easy to use just roll straight over your tattoos it offers broad spectrum protection and can be used on your ears, nose, lips and face making it ideal for surfers and outdoor sports all this for only £7.50 coming to the shop soon

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