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We have carefully sourced some amazing aromas for our Pick "N" Mix Bespoke Beard Oils: 

Tobacco: Mellow, warm fresh woody aroma, great blended with leather and bamboo
Leather: Rich, smoky and dark aroma great blended with coffee and cinnamon
Salty Sea Dog: Fresh, crisp aroma with ozone aquatic notes great on its own or blended with mint
Vanilla: Creamy, soft and sweet blends well with most fragrances to add a sweet aroma
Rum: Rich and warming like watching a Caribbean sunset blends well with vanilla
Spice: A hot and spicy pungent aroma great with most fragrances or on its own
Cut Dry Wood: A light dry woody aroma perfect with tobacco, leather and Sandalwood
Candy Floss: Sweet cotton candy aroma blends well with pink pepper and absinthe 
Coffee: Dark aroma of roasting coffee blends well with vanilla for a sweet twist
Cucumber: Light fresh and aromatic, blends great with citrus scents and mint
Absinthe: Hints of anise with a bitter sharp uplifting aroma great blended with citrus scents
Bamboo: Light and clean aroma blends well with floral and citrus scents 
Champagne: Fresh grape fizzy aroma, blends well with mint and candy floss
Black Olive: Slightly bitter aroma of black olives mixes well with floral and citrus scents
Pink Pepper: Full bodied aroma of sweet pungent peppery finish great with most fragrances 

There is also a selection of Essential Oils that all have excellent skin and hair benefits that can be added to your Bespoke Beard Oil. 

There are no rules just be as creative as you want woody blends and citrus accents work well together. So does adding a sweet aroma. Its all about having fun, experimenting and making your own personal scent. 

50ml Bottle £20

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