To Facial or not to Facial

Lets just put this out there dudes CAN get facials too. You don't have to ponce around a health spa in slippers and a fluffy gown but if thats your thing thats cool too. A quick half hour express facial can be beneficial to your skin, if anything guys need to look after there skin more than chicks due to it being coarser then factor in the harsh routine of dragging a razor across it every other day and the fact that we are less likely to protect it from those damaging suns rays.

Facials are becoming more popular in barber shops making them feel less girly and can be done before or after you have had your barnet chopped, an express facial takes about 30 minutes and the benefits will last for a couple of weeks. They can be something you do regularly or a treat when your skin is not looking its best. 

They are great if you suffer from ingrown hairs or razor burn. The harshness of dragging a razor across the skin can cause irritation and sensitivity. The combination of exfoliation, massage, face masks and moisturisers will address shaving side effects and leave the skin feeling softer. 

So if you are wondering whats involved its pretty simple

First your skin will be cleansed using a face wash
An exfoliator will be applied and massaged into the face, this is a cream with tiny grains in it (if your wondering what it is) it will left dead skin from the skin leaving it squeaky clean and super soft. 
Next a facial massaged using essentials oils, time to kick back and relax
Then a deep cleansing mask is applied to the skin to get it real clean, soft and hydrated.
Lastly moisturiser is applied to seal and protect the skin 

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