Thicken Up That Thinning Barnet

For some of us dudes thinning and balding hair is pretty much gonna happen and we all haven't got £30,000 a high pain threshold and the time to do a Rooney and get a hair transplant. We have got a few tips to help thicken up your hair.

Some guys worry that washing there hair will make it fall out more but it will actually thicken it up, dirty, greasy hair looks gappy and lies flat. Make sure you rinse the shampoo out with warm water if its too hot it can dry the hair and scalp out. Try Sea Dogs Seven Seas Shampoo, if you have dry hair why not put a dollop of Sea Dogs Seven Seas Conditioner on after and remember to rinse.

Don't over brush or comb your hair, use your fingers to style it instead, it will add volume and texture. Try Sea Dogs Weigh Anchor for a good light weight alternative to gels and heavy waxes as these weigh hair down making it look limp and flat. Sea Dogs Fire in the Hole is a great texturing spray that will add instant texture and volume to your hair making it appear thicker.

Try and protect your barnet from the damaging rays of the sun, not only do they dry the hair out making it brittle and fragile. sunburn to the scalp cause it to produce a compound called superoxide which put basically causes the hair follicles to switch off from the growing stage and go into the shredding stage, not what you need for thick locks.

Last of all get yourself a decent cut, talk to your barber holding on to those fine wispy locks is not always ideal and can make the hair look thinner. Go for a classic short cut or an unstructured one if you still have some hair to play around with. Both of these will help make the hair appear thicker.

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