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Doesn't look like the beard is going anywhere fast and I think us dudes are enjoying the freedom of being shave free too, that doesn't mean that we can leave it untamed your beard just like your barnet needs styling to suit your face shape. We have broken down the beards and face shapes so you know exactly what beard suits your face shape.

The Goatee and Tashe

Made famous by Walter White suits most face shapes. It can round off square face shapes and be slimming for rounder faces. 

You need about two months growth for the Walt look and you need to keep it full at the lip area. Make sure you keep it level you don't want a wonky goatee not a good look and wet shave every couple of days to keep those edges looking sharp, why not try Sea Dogs Cutlass Shave Cream for a tradition shave, finish it off with Sea Dogs Becalmed Beard Balm to help it hold its shape. 

The Extended Goatee

Great for square and rounder face shapes, as there is more length to the beard. Not great if you have a longer face as it will just add more length not a great look!

You will need a couple of months growth keep the sides tidy but leave the chin and tache area. Taper it so its tighter around your cheeks and bring the beard growth to a slight point at the end. It will need a tidy up once a month and make sure you get your barber to trim the sides and underneath but keep the lip area thick. Sea Dogs Crows Nest Beard Oil will help it look glossy and keep it in good condition it will also stop the itchiness while you are growing it out. 

Mutton Chops

Great for narrower faces as it makes the face look fuller and the chin more prominent. 

Pretty simple to achieve as you basically grow a full beard and loop off the middle bit so it will take a couple of months to grow and you need to keep the sides thick. You need to shave your chin and tache area every couple of days to keep the contrast but make sure its even when shaving. Apply Sea Dogs Becalmed Beard Balm to hold its shape

Chin Curtain

Great for all face shapes and can be adjusted to suit all of them too.

Doesn't take long to grow just a week, once its grown shape it, this is a style that needs to stay looking shape to work so you are going to need to take a razor to it every couple of days just make sure you keep the width even on both sides and keep the strap at grade one to stop it getting unruly and you could invest in a detailer this one here is pretty good from Boots. If this all sounds like a mind field go visit your local barber and get him to shape and then you can maintain it. 

Sea Dogs Barbers specialise in beards pop on in and we will be able to advise you and help you grow a beard to make any man jealous and you proud. 

We also stock a range of Beard Grooming and Shave Products to keep those lines looking neat 

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