Movember and its Important Meaning

Movember isn't just about growing an impressive Mo. It has an important meaning behind it one that is never talked about that much "mens health". Guys tend to not share things like chicks do, so little things like how you are feeling or the funny lump you found just doesn't get talked about. Movembers about changing this, life can get on top of you and you shouldn't ignore something that doesn't feel quite right about your body, don't put off booking that doctors appointment or having a chat about how you feel with your wife, your mate or whoever Talk! it helps a lot.

Ok thats the heavy shit out of the way here is the fun part. We have joined forces with Ian Curtis a guy who coz he is a guy had suffered a long time until he broke down, yep it happens he is back on track and getting there but he has decided to support Movember and we have decided to join him so here is his page you can either donate or join in and grow that Mo. If you want to find out more about Movember check out there website here

The Rules are pretty simple: 

Register as a Mo Bro either through Ian Cutis here as Team Curtlocker or Movember here

Start the 1st November with a clean shave 

You must grow and groom your Mo throughout November

No joining of the sideburns to your Mo thats a beard 

No joining of the handlebars to your chin thats a goatee

Every Mo Bro needs to conduct himself as a true gentlemen

To help with the grooming of your Mo Sea Dogs is offering 20% off Sea Legs Tache Wax throughout October and Movember just use the code menshealth

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