Ditch the comb over

Is your crown slipping! Stressing about it is only going to make it worse. Androgenic Alopecia also know as male pattern baldness accounts for 95% of hair loss in men. You don't necessarily have to do a Rooney and lay out thousand to reseed that hair we have a few grooming tips that could help.

Keep an eye out for hair loss early, male pattern baldness is a result of a by product of testosterone it blocks the hair follicle so can strike at an early age when your testosterone levels are pretty high. Get yourself a good haircare routine creating the perfect environment for hair growth. Sea Dogs Seven Sea Shampoo contains Tea Tree Oil great for getting the hair and scalp super clean and it stimulates blood flow aiding hair growth . Spend a few extra minuets massaging those suds into your hair and scalp this will also help to stimulate blood flow to the scalp. Scalp massage also reduce stress levels another trigger for baldness.

Go visit your Barber and get a decent cut. When it comes to thinning hair its best to keep it short, shorter cuts help to seamlessly blend lengths, making those thinner areas not so noticeable. You don't always have to shave it off either which seems to be the natural thing to do. A good barber can create a short style that is on trend without resorting to the razor and knows how to work with your hair, go loaded with some ideas too. Avoid partings they just highlight those sparser areas this is where texture works it helps to give the illusion of thickness.

Pick the correct hair product too. Ditch the wet look gels and oil slick hair. Lightweight matte effect products like Sea Dogs Barnacle Cream and Sea Dogs Ship Shaper are perfect to add texture to the hair and won't weigh them down.

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