Blonde Ambition

We kid you not, dudes bleaching their hair is becoming the latest must have hair style. It could be the whole 90's revival thing that has started this trend and with the likes of Lionel Messi and a few other footballers it could be something you might consider doing. Daniel Craig was spotted rocking some serious blonde locks on the set of Logan Lucky. If you are curious to see if blondes have more fun then we have some tips to make sure you do it right.

Where to get it done

This is something you do not want to do yourself in the bathroom with a box from Boots unless you fancy looking like a tiger. Bleach is pretty unpredictable so leave this to the pros. The process takes a good hour and a toner will be applied to get rid of any nasty brassy tones.


Its doesn't take a chemistry degree to work out that covering your hair in bleach is going to damage it. So invest in a good conditioner like Sea Dogs Seven Seas Condition suitable for everyday use.
Roots can give the hair a bit of texture so you don't necessary have to be a slave to your barber but if you want a non root look then be prepared to have them redone every 6 weeks.

Dont bleach your facial hair to match your newly blonde locks this is just wrong.

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