Sea Dogs Barbers Fully Staffed

This week Josh joined the Sea Dogs Barbers crew, which means we have filled our fourth chair and are now fully staffed. Josh has over 10 years barbering experience and has been travelling around Asia, New Zealand and Prague cutting hair. We now get to welcome him to St Austell.

The shop opening hours will be extending next week and we will be open Monday & Tuesdays 10am to 8pm, Wednesday to Friday 10am to 9pm, Saturday 8.30am to 4pm.

We will have two barbers cutting on Monday & Tuesday, Three cutting on Wednesday and Thursday and four cutting Friday & Saturday, so getting that slot you want should not be a problem.

Woodzy is our Junior Barber and is new to the game he has been smashing out some sick haircuts and is now on the booking system under 'Woodzy's Cuts' at a lower rate of £9 as his cuts take a bit longer but don't underestimate his skills he knows what he is doing.

Click here to get yourself booked in

Beard Oil of the Week: Beardilizer Sweet Pipe Tobacco

This week we launch our "Beard Oil of the Week"

Sweeney will pick a beard oil and this will be used throughout the week to give you a taster of each beard oil we stock.

This week is "Beardilizer Sweet Pipe Tobacco" 
A manly fragrance with a distinctive roasted scent of fresh tobacco, giving a strong beard game smell

Beard oils are essential for growing and maintaining a healthy beard. All Beardilizer oils contain: 

Argan Oil: Protects facial skin and hair
Jamaican Castor Oil: Adds volume and encourages hair growth
Eucalyptus Oil: Cleanses and refreshes
Greek Rosemary Oil: Protect follicles from pollution and UV rays
Grape Seed Oil: Hydrates the skin, protects against rashes and provides a healthy sheen
Jojoba Oil: Protects from harmful UV rays, reduces skin irritations and softens hair
Soybean Seed Oil: Rich in vitamin A,D and E, revitalises the skin and encourages denser and thicker hair growth. 

Pick 'n" Mix for Dudes

We stock a wide range of products in our Sea Dogs Barber Shop and we are always on the look out for more. We have recently added Beardilizer, Brass Knuckle Brand and Beard Doctor to our arsenal of awesome grooming products. 

All the ranges we choose are hand pick for being individual and offering something different. The dream is we become a destination site for geezers to come and pick n mix there products. Like the sweet shops back in the day when we were kids. 

Women have had this luxury for way to long and with male grooming becoming a multi billion pound industry worldwide it is the proof we need that men are starting to spend a bit more time and money on themselves. So why not have a corner of the shop dedicated to this. The social stigma of men looking after themselves is slowly dissolving and why the fuck not who really wants to look there age anyway and who wants to have to roam around Boots trying to find that small selection of male grooming products on that dusty bottom self. We want to make looking for these specialised products easy for you. 

We are gonna introduce you slowly to our beard oils each week.. With our "Beard Oil of the Week" as we really wanna shout about what we stock and why we picked it. 

David Beckham House 99

David Beckham launched his grooming range House 99 exclusively at Harvey Nichols yesterday (1st February) it will be rolled out to other retailers from the 1st March. The brand has been inspired by British Barber Shops and David himself with the technical expertise of L'Oreal Luxe Labs have engineered the House 99 range and it has been perfected over the last two years to create a new grooming brand for the modern man.

David has been known for years not only as a footballer but as a style icon, with a chameleon like approach to his hair and style. Only a few weeks ago he was rocking long locks now gone to make way for a cleaner shorter choppy crop, to launch this new range. 

Why the Number 99? 1999 is the year he married Victoria, Brooklyn was born and Manchester won the treble. 

So what is actually in this range? 

There are 21 products in total designed for hair, body, face and beard. Prices range from £15 to £22. About average for male grooming products. 

The Bold Statement Tattoo Body Moisturiser with SPF 30. David is a big fan of ink so it comes as no surprise that this product has been created. SPF 30 will preserve the life of your ink but at £22 for 125ml thats a look of money for a dude with a body full of ink.

Going Big Thickening Shampoo £16. Designed to thicken the hair giving it volume and helping dudes with not so much on top have a crown of glory.

Get Groomed Purifying Beard Scrub £18. David is seen rocking a beard and this has been created to really give it a good clean and get to the skin under the beard to get rid of those beard flakes never a good look. This is a product that we would be tempted to try.

These are just a few check the rest out for yourself here 

Sea Dogs Barbers We've Got an App for That

We all lead busy lives and convenience is what we all need. We introduced the Sea Dogs Barbers booking system when we first opened our doors, the feedback was that most of our customers wanted the convenience of knowing they didn't have to wait around they could rock up and get straight into a seat. So we developed our online booking system that you could access via our website or Facebook Page, convenient huh!! well after some thought we realised that we could make that even more convenient if we designed our own mobile app, and that is exactly what we did so now you don't have to go to our website or Facebook page just download the app and book online so much more convenient.
To download the app click here, visit our website Sea Dogs Barbers or just scan the code then follow the instructions.

Ear Candling at Sea Dogs Barbers

We haven't decided to set fire to our Sea Dogs Barbers customers this is ear candling the newest treatment to be be added to our ever growing list of treatments.. Ear Candling is a safe and effective way to remove ear wax and is pretty relaxing too. This is how it works... An ear candle is place into the ear and lit while you lay comfortably with your head turned to the the side. You will feel a fire crackling sound, a bit of pressure and a warm feeling in the ear. The candle will take a few minutes to burn down we then repeat the same procedure on the other ear. There a few reason this treatment would not be suitable for you and advise you not to have it done if you have any of the following:

Infection or inflammation in the ear
Surgery on the ear in the last 3 months
Perforation of the ear drum
Grommets, drains or ventilation tubes
Known allergies to bees was or stings

Ear Candling is now available at Sea Dogs Barbers and costs £15 click here to get yourself booked in  

Meet the Crew


Sweeneys Q&A

Fav Movie: Love Honour and Obey
Fav Insult: You Facking Slag!!
One word to describe yourself: Unique 
Fav Product: Brawler
Where do you hang out: Its a Secret

Matts Q&A

Fav Movie: Dog Soldiers
Fav Insult: C*@T
One word to describe yourself: Determined
Fav Product: Uppercut Deluxe Matt Pomade
Where do you hang out: Home & Sea Dogs

Meet the motley Sea Dogs Barbers Crew who make up the Sea Dogs Family. (You will have to excuse Matt he is a bit shy)
If you haven't had the pleasure of meeting them , then let us introduce them. Sweeney also know as the Demon Barber is the Captain of the ship, Matt is second in command, Woodzy looks after Walk In's on and last but no means least Jordon is our Saturday Ship Mate.

Get book online at Sea Dogs Barbers with Sweeney and Matt here